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Liquidity for the DexFi ecosystem
dexSWAP is the swap that provides the liquidity that backs the DexFi ecosystem. Presently, it exists only on Arbitrum.

MEV Bot Protection

dexSWAP is protected from MEV bots meaning assets can safely be traded on dexSWAP without being sandwiched

Only Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL)

The liquidity on dexSWAP is 100% protocol owned and as such there is no farming token for dexSWAP

Swap Fees

The swap fees on dexSWAP are 0.3% and 100% of this goes to the protocol. None of the fees go to liquidity providers.

Hosting Liquidity on dexSWAP

At this point in time, DexFinance is not looking to host liquidity for other projects