Asset Deposits / Withdrawals

Deposit / Withdraw native assets like liquidity pools into vaults.

Allows depositing assets like Liquidity Pools tokens directly into vaults. Contrasted with the zap function that will automatically buy your assets, the asset deposit will not execute any buys or sells when depositing. This ensures there is a 0% price impact when depositing into your vault.

Asset Deposit / Withdraw

Asset deposits are meant for advanced users and are a more direct way to control your deposits / withdraws into vaults. They are used when:

  • assets are already owned

  • creating the assets to deposit into vaults yourself instead of using the smart routing in the zap functionality

  • keeping the asset after withdrawing

Steps to complete an Asset Deposit

Step 1: Pick the vault you would like to deposit to at

Step 2: Choose Deposit - Asset Deposit

Step 2: Ensure you have the assets required for that vault to deposit in the correct ratios

You will need to own the assets to deposit already and may need to visit other DAPPs to purchase these assets. It requires knowledge of the individual assets and how to buy / create them. You'll need to visit these DAPPs directly to do this - this process is your responsibility to manage and isn't documented / guaranteed by Dex Finance

Step 3: Choose Deposit -> Asset Deposit

Step 4: Deposit your assets

Steps to Complete an Asset Withdraw

Step 1: Open the vault that you currently have a position in at

Step 2: Choose withdraw -> asset withdraw

Step 3: Press withdraw

After completing the withdrawal the assets will be in your wallet. Managing these assets in your wallet is not covered by DexFinances suite of products apart from if you want to deposit them back into the vault. You will need to head to the source DAPPs (e.g. dexes) to interact with these assets

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