Zap Deposits / Withdrawals

Instant deposits and withdraws.

Zap deposits / withdraws automate the process of buying and selling assets to automatically enter vaults. They utilize smart routing which automatically chooses the best possible combination of price (including price impact) and fees to enter the vault.

How Does Zap Function Work?

  1. Starting with a compatible asset: You begin with a support asset for the chain of the vault you are depositing into.

  2. Automated Conversion: The Zap function automatically converts these assets into the specific tokens required for the chosen vault.

  3. Direct Pool Investment: Post conversion, these tokens are immediately invested into the selected liquidity pool or yield farming opportunity.

Advantages of Using the Zap Function

  • Simplified Process: It removes the need for multiple transactions and manual conversions, reducing potential errors and simplifying the investment process.

  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Consolidating actions into one transaction can save on gas fees and time.

  • Broadened Accessibility: Zap opens up DeFi investments to a wider audience, including those who may not be as technically savvy or familiar with the intricacies of token exchanges.

Steps to Complete an Zap Deposit

Step 1: Find the vault you would like to deposit to

Step 2: Choose deposit -> Zap In

Step 3: Choose the token from the drop down to deposit (note the token will need to be in your wallet)

Step 4: Enter the amount

Step 5: Press deposit

Steps to complete a Zap Withdrawal

Step 1: Open a vault that you have an existing position in at -> My Vaults

Step 2: Choose withdraw -> Zap Out

Step 3: Choose the amount to withdraw

Note: When zapping out the amount you choose to zap out is in vault tokens and not in the currency you're zapping out into. You can see in the section "After withdraw you will get" how much this will convert to in the native token and below that in USD

Step 4: Press withdraw

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