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Creating and Publishing Vaults

Creating a vault allows for a personalized strategy, however, it can be beneficial to join an existing published vault when the amount of capital you are adding to the vault is low. Low capital
Step 1: Open dexfinance.com/create-vault or press the "Create Vault" button
Step 2: Select your farms. Press "Select Farm +" and choose the farms to include in the vault
Farms on Arbitrum
The farms you can select will be limited to the chain you are currently connected to
Take note of the risk level, liquidity and APR of each farm when choosing farms
Step 3: Set the farm allocations
The farm allocation needs to add up to 100%
Step 4: Choose your take profit token. Press "Change take profit token"
From here you can choose either a single token like USDEX+ or an ETF (see dexETF for more details)
Step 5: Set your take profit percentage
Take profit set at 50% with the USDEX+ token
0% take profit will compound all your profits back into your farms. 100% take profit will take all profits from all farms out into a single token
Step 6: Review the vault
Take note of the combined APY, risk score, take profit % and daily %
Step 7: Press "Create Vault" and approve the transaction
Your vault will now be available in "My Vaults" where you can deposit funds
Step 8: The vault can optionally be published now so that other investors can add their funds