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Simplify moving between vaults
Migrations utilize smart routing to optimse the exit from one vault and entry to another vault using the best possible combination of swap price, slippage and gas fees.
To ensure that correct calculations of exist price and entry price of each vault, migrations will always sell your assets and purchase new assets. This is the only way that entry can be guaranteed. Fine grained control can be achieved with asset deposits / withdrawals.

Performing a Migration

Step 1: Open an existing vault that you have a position in
Step 2: Locate the section on migrations
Step 3: Choose the vault you would like to migrate to
All vaults are all vaults published any user. My vaults are other vaults you have published.
Step 4: Choose how much you would like to migrate
Vault tokens are being used to calculate how much is being migrated and not the number of tokens of the underlying asset in the vault. The USD conversion gives the best estimate of how much of the underlying assets will be migrated.
Step 5: Review the price impact and optionally configure the slippage tolerance
Step 6: Press migrate and approve the tranasction
Step 7: Head to My Vaults to see your new position